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主要剧情:缱绻悱恻20年,金钱之爱根据以色列移民在美国追逐梦想的真人真事改编。故事起头于1973年的Tel Aviv,在那Ize..... 详细剧情介绍




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    缱绻悱恻20年,金钱之爱根据以色列移民在美国追逐梦想的真人真事改编。故事起头于1973年的Tel Aviv,在那Izek在脏乱差的情况下成长,陌头混混经常光顾的地下赌场就开在他家酒吧的后面。这所赌场是罪恶的温床,逐渐侵蚀着Izek和他的家人。最后迫不得已,举家迁至洛杉矶。为了追逐梦想重头来过,Izek起头了经商之路,购置地产,经营一家汽车修理厂。他春风满意,处处受到幸运女神的眷顾,尤其是当他与Aline坠入爱河之后。然则好景不长,Izek一直想逃离的罪恶一直如影随形,追随他到每一个角落...Spanning over two decades, "For the Love of Money" follows the true account of an Israeli immigrant who searches for his piece of the A merican dream. The story begins in Tel Aviv in 1973, where a young Izek is raised in a seedy, gangster filled illegal casino that operates behind his family's bar. The casino is a haven for unsavory characters who seek to corrupt him to their way of life. When the violence and crime finds its way to him and his family, Izek (Yuda Levi) and his family relocate to Los Angeles. Hoping to start anew, he pursues his ambitions to become a young entrepreneur by developing small businesses, purchasing real estate, and running an auto repair shop. Success seems to find him at every turn and after falling in love with the beautiful Aline (Delphine Chaneac), luck seems to be on his side. However, it isn't long before the world of crime that Izek tried to escape so long ago continues to doggedly follow him every step of the way...
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